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Introducing Pokitt

The Worlds First RFID Friendly Wallet

Sick of carrying around unnecessary junk? Pokitt is a revolutionary NEW concept in wallet design for Credit Card/Smart Card storage, Pokitt is designed to carry just what you need, the bare essentials.

Pokitt is an Ultra Slimline Wallet moulded from a soft & flexible Polymer material. Pokitt is only 12.5mm (less than ½" thick) X 90mm X 60mm. Pokitt contains room for only the bare essentials you need & when you do not want to carry a bulging purse or wallet.

  • RFID Friendly
  • Ultra Slimline Design
  • Fits 2 X Credit Cards, Transport Cards, Drivers Licence
  • Soft & Flexible
  • Conforms to your body shape (you won't know it's there)
  • Great Colour Combinations Available

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  • Caramel Twist Caramel Twist
  • Choc Mint Choc Mint
  • Fuschia Fuschia
  • Hornet Hornet
  • Spearmint Spearmint
  • Thorium Thorium
Pokitt revolution in wallet
About Pokitt

Pokitt is perfectly suited to a wide range of scenarios where space is at a premium but you need to carry & protect Credit Cards, Smart Cards & Transport Cards.

Credit/Smart Cards have replaced all other media as the preferred method of payment & identification & Pokitt is designed specifically for these cards. Smart Cards are utilised in a mind boggling number of areas such as Credit Cards, Transport Cards, Drivers Licences, Loyalty Cards, Access Cards, Rewards Cards and a multitude of other scenarios. Until now there has been nothing designed specifically to fit Credit Cards & Smart Cards?

Most major world cities use a Smart Card system to manage public transport payments. Pokitt is ideally suited for use with these systems & can be used without removing your travel card from Pokitt. All transport systems tested scanned through Pokitt faultlessly.

Pokitt is designed to hold:

  • 2 Credit/Smart Cards
  • Banknotes
  • Key
Pat Caroll Running Group Metrolink
Promotional Pokitt

Tired of the same old boring promotional items? Take your company promotion to another level & finally give them something useful! Pokitt’s flexible Polymer construction can be moulded in your exact company colours & Pokitt can be branded with your company logo. Pokitt can be easily customised & is perfect for use as a truly unique promotional item.

Give your clients something they will use every day & show to their friends/colleagues.

Some examples of Pokitt's unique potential as a promotional item.

Pat Caroll Running Group
Brisbane's premier running group run by legendary Australian Marathon Runner Pat Caroll



Retailing a new revolutionary concept, Pokitt
Strocking Pokitt

Interested in stocking Pokitt? Our new Point of Sale display would look great on your counter & Pokitt certainly gets people's attention. Be the first store in your area to stock this exciting new product!

We would love to have you on board. Retail packs are available containing a complete range of Pokitt colour combinations and our POS Display. Contact us for more information and for pricing.


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RFID Friendly
Wherever you go, we go.

One of Pokitt's key design innovations takes its cue from the proliferation of scannable RFID card technology. With banks and major public transportation systems already widely taking advantage of scannable cards throughout much of the US, Europe and Asia. Pokitt is designed specifically with these cards in mind.

The ultra-slim Pokitt holds two such "smart cards," one on each side, enabling the user to properly scan either card without opening the wallet.

In particular, Public Transport Smart Card technology is now used throughout the world, and it's with the widespread use of this technology that makes us think about the ways we now use our wallets.